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Otherkin, transableds, etc:

You guys seriously need to stop pretending that you’re not discrediting the social justice movement. Now, I can stop you from whatever your beliefs are over this post. But if you guys really believe in the rest of the social justice movement, then you need to stop associating your supposed oppression with a larger problem that a far greater share of people are facing. By selfishly trying to force yourself under the social justice umbrella, you’re wasting their time and resources, as well as discrediting the activists as a whole when any of them associate with you, or you try to entrench yourself into the community. Even on tumblr, one of the world’s biggest hugboxes, everyone is laughing at you guys.

JUST STOP IT. Please, for the sake of everyone.

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    Agreed. Seriously, one of the biggest points of solidarity is you don’t have to be in the oppressed group to empathize...
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    EXACTLY. Everyone tries to make a cause out of everything, and it distracts from important issues. And it kind of makes...
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    I think a major problem with the SJ community, especially on tumblr is that they try so hard to seem accepting that they...
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    Okay, I’ve heard of this otherkin bullshit but what the FUCK is “transabled” or “transethnic”? Because I’ll have to...
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    I’ve not run into any otherkin but seriousky, seriously, “transabled” and “transethnic” people I have no time for...
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    I don’t want to start hating too, or attacking anyone but I’ve just recently heard of these three groups. And frankly, I...
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    I am sure I will lose followers but this! This times a fucking thousand. So fucking sick of seeing this shit on my dash....